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Bumper is a sales event creation and management platform that allows a dealer to create, execute and manage a sales event from one place. With Bumper you can send out a bundle with direct mail, emails and vouchers at any time with the click of a button.


Why dealers use bumper:

Bumper's software automation and system generated content makes building, launching and managing of a Retention Sales Event easier than ever. Bumper provides you with:

  1. Small minimum campaign sizes

    Target customers with campaigns specific to them.

  2. More control

    Stop outsourcing communications and keep customer relationships in-house.

  3. Power and flexibility

    Transfer customer showroom activity and factory programs into successful targeted campaigns.

  4. Constant learning opportunities

    Learn by reviewing past campaigns and manage the frequency of communication for every individual customer.

  5. Convenience

    Keep all your retention efforts in one place.

  6. Better ROI

    Reduce manpower and replace agency involvement through software automation to save money.

Bumper cleans your database.

Once your database has been extracted from your CRM, Bumper will clean it of any duplicates, commercial, fleet contacts and incorrectly spelled makes or models. Bumper does this within just a couple of minutes.

Bumper cleans your database

Here’s how Bumper works:

  1. Use Bumper filters for specific targeting

    Now that you have a clean list to work with, you can use our filters to target specific customers.

  2. Create your own sales event

    Name your event, choose your start/end dates, offers, and select a banner.

  3. Customize your sales message

    Write a compelling sales message that should include your current offers. Once you confirm your event and hit “launch” everything after that is fully automated.

  4. Media is sent out to your customers

    Once you launch, your PURL will automatically become active allowing you to track your leads activity. A few days after your customers receive a letter in the mail, they will also receive a follow up email.

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Bumper tracks your leads

Once you launch your event, all customer landing pages go live and you will begin to receive your first leads as early as 2 days before your event begins. Bumper will categorize your leads for you by placing them into the Cold, Warm or Hot tab. You will also be sent an email lead notice instantly containing that customer’s activitiy, giving you invaluable insight.

Bumper tracks your leads

It's not too good to be true

Bumper is completely transparent about results; you can hear straight from dealers about their experience using Bumper and view sales numbers directly from Bumper in the graph below.

Past month's results: July 2021

Brands that use Bumper in July:

July Results:

Avg Event Cost:


Avg # of Recipients:


Leads Generated:


Conversion to Leads:


Cars Sold:


Results from An Ontario Honda Dealership

Honda Dealership Case Results Using Bumper:
Campaign Results:

Event Cost:


# of Recipients:


Leads Generated:


Cars Sold:


Generated Gross:


Results from A GTA Hyundai Dealership

Hyundai Dealership Case Results Using Bumper:
Campaign Results:

Event Cost:


# of Recipients:


Leads Generated:


Cars Sold:


Generated Gross:


Results from An Ontario Chevrolet Dealership

Chevrolet Dealership Case Results Using Bumper:
Campaign Results:

Event Cost:


# of Recipients:


Leads Generated:


Cars Sold:


Generated Gross:


Bumper's pricing is simple:

Dealers only pay for each invitation they send using Bumper. There is a flat rate of:


per direct mail and email campaign


per email only campaign

There is no additional direct cost involved in using Bumper. Per invitation pricing includes data hygiene, printing, postage, email, personalized landing pages and lead tracking.

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